Hamilton Farm Golf & Equestrian Club

The Essex Golf Group, LLC provides professional club and resort management for properties they develop as well as third party agreements for both equity and non-equity facilities. Included in the scope of services that Essex Golf is able to provide are;

* Golf and clubhouse operations, including all member and non-member related functions, food and beverage operations, golf shop management, golf practice facility management, membership sales and marketing, catering and banquet sales, human resource management, and general/administrative functions.

* Golf course maintenance department operations and management.

* Tennis operations and management

* Lodging and rental facility management.

* Public relations.

* Capital expense planning and management.

* Supply chain and inventory management. Vendor selection and oversight.

* Interim Management Services.

Many management agreements include “Operational Restructuring,” which allows Essex Golf to minimize operating expenses while increasing bottom-line profits. By performing an “Operational Audit”, Essex Golf is able to capitalize on areas of opportunity that may already exist.

In non-equity environments, Essex Golf’s primary role is to maximize the return on the owner’s investment through strategic management of the property by utilizing a team of professionals that are assembled and managed by Essex Golf.

Essex Golf’s ability to manage member-owned, equity clubs is evidenced by our history and experience managing many of the finest private clubs in the country. By carefully executing the goals and vision of the club’s Board of Directors, we are able to provide outstanding member service while still maintaining financial integrity.

Essex Golf’s experience in daily fee management is highlighted by our ability to drive club and course revenues while strictly managing the expense side of the business. Clients of Essex Golf have realized significant bottom-line improvements by utilizing our management skills and expertise.